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Bonus Project! Make an Origami Fuse Box

Origami Papercrafter Revamping Techniques

Issue 64 of PaperCrafter features an amazing origami special, which includes an interview with paper-fold guru Ashley Wood. Here Ashley gives us a step by step guide through how to make his favourite Fuse boxes.

Bonus Project! Make an Origami Fuse Box


Origami paper (why not use some from the PaperCrafter 64 kit?)

“Tomoko Fuse caused a minor revolution in origami when she unveiled her system for making boxes from several sheets of paper. This is one of the simplest of her repertoire, and a classic of economy and efficiency.”

Project taken from Origami, All You Need to Know, £9.99, Search Press. You can get free postage and packing when you buy the book in the UK by calling Search Press on 01892 510850 and quote ‘PaperCrafter issue 64’

Start with a square of origami paper, lighter side upwards, and crease it in half.

Fold the top edge to the centre crease. Turn the paper over.

Fold in half from side to side, crease and unfold. Turn the paper over again.

Crease the lower right diagonal and unfold.

Fold the lower left corner to the centre.

Crease as shown. Pinch the upper third of the centre crease into a valley.

Swing the triangular flap downwards to finish the unit. Make three more in the same way.

Arrange two units as shown and slide them partially into each other. Repeat with another two units. Slide in each pair, little by little, until they are tight together to form a box shape.

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