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3D Wall Feature

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Longing for that extra wow factor? Create Corinne Bradd’s spectacular 3D wall feature

3D Wall Feature

Geometric shapes and ombré colour combos continue to be on-trend this year and are guaranteed to instantly uplift your home. Craft this impressive project with our simple step-by-step and achieve something your guests will love! Whether you’re looking to add to your gallery wall or fill an empty corner, be sure to make an impact with this striking tetrahedron design. What’s more, you can achieve Corinne’s make without the need for tonnes of supplies and complex tools.

You will need

Craft essentials
Textured cardstock,
12”x 12”, Bazzill Basics
Template from

Tetrahedron masterpiece

1. Use the template to trace, score and cut out 29 triangles from at least five colours of textured cardstock.

2. Fold each piece along the score lines and fold up, glueing the tab to the opposite edge to make a pyramid. Fold in the tabs along the bottom edge and stick the overlaps to each other to strengthen the base.

3. Arrange the shapes in a pattern on a sheet of 29cm x 42cm card, starting with the pale shades and gradually incorporating the darker ones. Glue the base tabs of the tetrahedrons in place with PVA, starting along the guide edge. Allow each one to dry before adding the next.

4. When the arrangement is complete, use a craft knife or scissors to trim away the excess backing card. Mount the display to a wall with reusable putty.

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