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Wedding Keepsakes

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Give the people you love a time capsule to cherish a unique day

Wedding Keepsakes

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It’s common knowledge that weddings are generally the most important day of a person’s life, but it’s a less accepted fact that for family and even close friends, your special day can be almost as momentous for them as it is for you. By gifting loved ones items from this keepsakes collection, you provide two things: a physical memento of a wonderful day, and a reminder that during a tumultuous time of stress and drastic change, they were still very much in your thoughts.

You will need

Craft essentials
Digital images: Silhouette ‘Three vines with leaves’ by Emily Dyer, ‘box’ by Lori Whitlock
Punches, hearts
Dies, flowers
Thread, embroidery

Blooming corsage

1. Die cut several layers of white flowers, then curl the edges around a pencil to give them a realistic shape. Stack layers of the flowers to create a full bloom.

2. Add a circle of gold paper into the centre, along with a metal button. Punch hearts from mint and peach card, then secure onto the flower.

3. Cut out leaves from mint and peach card using a digital download, then fix them behind the flower. Adhere a long length of lace to the bottom and add a large circle of card to secure the lace and leaves.

Confetti box

1. Download a digital box template from Silhouette or draw your own. Punch a heart aperture, then cut the box out and assemble. Cut out printed leaves from a digital download and punch some gold hearts.

2. Stack the hearts and secure them in pairs, weaving embroidery thread between them. Wrap lace around the top of the box and a thin strip of ribbon, then tie both into knots. Layer the leaves on top of each other and add a heart.

Cupcake toppers

1. Print out wedding sentiments or use a stamp of your choice. Cut around them, then trim gold card to match.

2. Secure the pieces together, place a mini wooden skewer between and slightly offset the gold piece to create a shadow effect. Punch little hearts from mint and peach card, then add them to the toppers.

Be trend aware

Girly girls rejoice, pink is popping! Choose blush tones mixed with crisp whites for a sophisticated and charming palette

As far as stationery goes, handmade is the new shop-bought. Calligraphy is seriously on the rise, so best get practising!

Pastel-perfect macarons are fabulous choices for favours. Alternatively, chocolate truffles are also a favoured option – both of which you can make yourself

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