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Quilled bride

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Capture the big day with these 3D paper figurines. We all love a good wedding – spirits are high, the champagne is flowing and everyone is dressed in their finery. We all want to take something away from the big day that we can treasure and these quilled dolls make the perfect momentos.

Quilled bride

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YOU WILL NEED: Quilling papers, Quilling tool. Fine liners: black, blue, red. Glitter, white, Domed object, Knitting needle

1 Split ten white quilling strips in half lengthways, then cut into quarter lengths. Curl some of them into loose coils by rolling them tightly, allowing them to open naturally, then sealing the end with glue.
2 Create teardrops using most of the strips by curling them into loose coils and nipping one end into a point. Add the teardrop shapes to the top of the domed object and glue each new piece to the one before.
3 Build the dress using only two or three shapes at a time, otherwise it will collapse. Create the bodice by tightly rolling four white strips end to end, seal with glue, then dome it with your finger to make a small ‘bowl’.
4 Roll a second disc using three peach coloured strips followed by one white strip, seal and dome, then glue the two domes together. Assemble the dress. Make a head from two peach domes.
5 Next, shape the arms, each using one peach strip rolled tightly and sealed, then pushed to a point using the sharp end of a knitting needle. Flatten the wide end of each arm and stick to the bride’s body.
6 Draw a face using a black fine liner, roll a few brown curls for her hair, make a beautiful bouquet, then add glitter to the front of the dress to finish.

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