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Quick-Cut Card

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Speed up your seasonal crafting and give your hands a break with Brother

When we find a gadget that makes life that little bit easier, you’re always the first to know! With Christmas crafting in full swing, now’s the time to use your time wisely and Corinne Bradd shows us how to do exactly that with the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200. Say farewell to hours of cutting out intricate motifs – you can do that in a matter of minutes with the help of this must-have digital die-cutting machine.

Quick-Cut Card

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You will need

Template from
Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 machine
Brother Canvas Workspace app (optional)
Cardstock, various colours
Adhesives: 3D foam pads, glue

Wreath greeting

1. Download our templates and resize each element as desired. Arrange the foliage onto the layout screen so that the pieces occupy 10cm squares. Cut out multiple 10cm squares from different coloured cardstock.

2. Secure the squares to the cutting mat, ensuring they correspond with the spaces on the layout screen. Cut out the shapes in a group, then remove from the mat with a spatula.

3. Create a green 15cm square blank and lightly sketch a 9cm circle in the centre. Take your cut foliage and glue to the card, ensuring each piece radiates out from the circle in an anti-clockwise direction. Layer up and tuck in pieces to build up a wreath.

4. Cut a 9.5cm circle from pink and adhere to the centre of the card with 3D foam pads, covering the stems of the foliage. Tuck a few more pieces of foliage underneath the circle so that some of the leaves overlap the disc.

5. Using the Brother Canvas Workspace app, choose the Liverpool font and type out your sentiment, approximately 1.5cm tall. Cut the wording from white, remove the letters and glue to the card front.

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