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Poinsettia Wreath

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This poinsettia wreath is guaranteed to take your Christmas crafts to a new level. Utilising a simple cereal box as her wreath base, Corinne Bradd has fashioned something truly special with her colourful poinsettia wreath. It’s super-easy to make too, thanks to Corinne’s downloadable templates - they do most of the work for you! If you have a digital cutting machine such as the Brother ScanNCut, then it’s even simpler with our poinsettia SVG files. The perfect finishing touch? On-trend gingham ribbon, of course.

Poinsettia Wreath

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Templates or poinsettia SVG files
Brother ScanNCut SDX1200
Cardstock: greens, coral, pale pink, yellow
Wide tape, coloured
Wide ribbon, gingham
Thin card or cereal box
Ball-ended tool
Adhesives: PVA glue, glue dots


Poinsettia Flowers
1. Scan the poinsettia templates into the ScanNCut following the manufacturer’s instructions. To save any wastage, resize, rotate and flip the individual shapes to fit as many into a 6” square on the layout screen. Cut larger flower shapes in different shades, the smaller motifs from coral and pale pink, then the centres for the poinsettias in yellow.

2. Flip each shape over to the smooth side, then use a ball-ended tool to score from the centre out to the tip of each petal. Turn over and crease along the score line to add dimension to each flower. Stack the shapes up, arranging so the petals are staggered, then glue together.

3. Tuck some single petals in at random in other colours. Use a ball-ended tool to press against the flower centres in the palm of your hand to bring the edges up, then secure with a dab of PVA glue in the middle of each poinsettia.

1. On thin card or a cereal box, mark out two concentric circles, 15cm and 20cm, two or three times. Cut out the circular frames, then glue together to make a stiff wreath base. Cover the ring with a wide coloured tape, ribbon or strips of paper, folding the ends to the back and overlapping on the slant to cover the whole wreath base.

2. Fix several poinsettias to the bottom-right of the ring using glue dots. Tie a length of wide gingham ribbon around the top of the wreath to make a hanging loop and bow. To keep the wreath level when it’s hanging, fix a 2p coin on the reverse of the wreath on the left, opposite the poinsettia cluster. You may need to experiment to get the positioning right. Add another smaller flower to the left of the ribbon and tuck individual green leaf shapes between each poinsettia.

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