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Paper plants

Die cutting Die cutting

Die cut leaves in different shades of green to create a unique plant

Paper plants


Craft Essentials, Joanna Sheen Signature Ivy Leaves dies, Acrylic paint: green, brown, Polystyrene ball: 12cm, Wooden dowel, Tin can,

This cute potted plant would look great sitting on your craft table or windowsill. It doesn’t require any water, it doesn’t drop leaves and, best of all, it’s fun and easy to make. Here, Vicky Sheridan shows you how to make it with a single die set, polystyrene balls and an old tin can. Why not get creative and try adding some paper flowers too?

Trim a length of paper to cover a tin can. Cut a heart shape from the centre and fill the aperture with a co-ordinating patterned paper.

Add a scalloped border to the top edge of the paper before wrapping it around the can and glueing in place. Using a craft knife, cut a polystyrene ball so that it fits securely inside the can.

Trim a wooden dowel to the required length and carefully push it into the centre of the polystyrene. Push a second ball on to the other end of the dowel. Paint the dowel brown and the ball green.

Die cut leaves from three different shades of green card and glue them to the ball in layers until it is completely covered. Tuck shredded paper inside the can to cover the polystyrene.

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