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Create paper earrings using our tutorial

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Have you ever tried making jewellery from paper? This issue, PaperCrafter designers Corinne Bradd and Elizabeth Moad gave the unusual craft a go and the results were stunning.  Here’s a bonus project for all our lovely blog readers – follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to make a pair of paper earrings

Create paper earrings using our tutorial

Cut paper rectangles sized 3cm x 5cm. You will need two of paper A and eight each of B and C. Fold each rectangle into a triangle following the picture guide in PaperCrafter issue 62 (find it in page 34).

All triangles are assembled the same way round to give a flat back and ridged top surface. Start by pushing both points of a C triangle into one sleeve of a B triangle. Push another C triangle into the other sleeve.

Make the third row by pushing a B triangle into the two inner sleeves of the C triangles. Push both points of a B triangle into both the outer sleeves of the C triangles.

Start decreasing the width of the rows by fitting two C triangles into the centre sleeves of row three, leaving the two outer sleeves empty. Take a single triangle A and push into the inner sleeves of row four, leaving the outer sleeves empty as before.

Make the second of your paper earrings in the same way and coat each one with two coats of PVA or decoupage glaze. Pierce a hole in the top point of the first triangle and fit jump rings and earwires through these.

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