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Book Page Art

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Corinne Bradd’s book page art is a brilliant way to repurpose your old books without having to attempt any fancy folding or painstaking processes. Using little more than some basic art supplies and the books themselves, this book page art project is one of the easiest ways to recycle your reads. It’s an ideal addition to your home décor too, showing off your upcycling talents and adding an old-fashioned feel to your artwork. So, we better leave you to get started!

Book Page Art

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Old book pages
Cardstock, various colours
Coloured pencils or acrylic paints
Black fineliner (optional)
Chalk paint, cream (optional)

1. Create a stable canvas from a single book page, or multiple pieces, by adhering to cardstock and leaving to dry underneath a heavy book to prevent the canvas curling up. If the text on the page seems too heavy, try creating a lighter area in the centre of the canvas with a brushing of cream chalk paint to lighten the print and leave to dry.

2. Sketch out your artwork on the canvas with a pencil and when happy with the design outline the illustration with a black fineliner if desired. Colour in the picture with high pigment coloured pencils or acrylic paints. Take care not to smudge the colours as you work. Allow the text to show through the pencil or paint.

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