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Book Necklace

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Our book necklace project may just be the crafty item you never knew you needed. By repurposing your old books into a new, mini version you can fashion an adorable piece of jewellery that’s guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd. Made using few materials and simple instructions from Corinne Bradd, this book necklace is a perfect alternative craft to put at the top of your to-do list.

Book Necklace

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Old books
Washi tape
Jump ring
Necklace chain
Binder clips
Decorative elements
Needle tool
Adhesives: PVA glue, glue stick

1. Use a ruler to tear several book pages into 5cm x 8cm rectangles. Fold each rectangle in half and stack together so the folds are all level. Hold the stack firmly with binder clips before pasting the folds with PVA glue. Leave to dry.

2. Trim two 4.5cm x 5.5cm sections from old book covers and a thin spine piece. Fix together in a row with a strip of thick paper, leaving a 1mm gap between the sections. Glue the stack of pages to the spine section, fold the covers over and secure the first and last pages of the stack to the inside covers.

3. Decorate the book cover with washi tape and other decorative elements. Use a needle tool to pierce a hole in the top of the spine and fit a large jump ring into this so a chain can be attached.

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