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Typewriter Memo Holder

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Keep your notes safe in this stylish mini typewriter

Typewriter Memo Holder

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Busy lives often involve a lot of memos and reminders, and it can sometimes be hard to keep track. Luckily, we’ve got a sophisticated solution to keep your desk tidy and your work organised. This paper typewriter by Corinne Bradd is easy to make using our free template and presents an original way to keep all your notes in one place. Use your favourite papers and brighten up your workspace too.

You will need

Craft essentials
Online template from
Typewriter key motifs: two sets
Circle punch: small
Paper straw
Washi tape

1. Stamp or print out a set of typewriter keys and stick to card. Cut out each one with a same-sized circle punch. Cover a second set with pale washi tape so the design is still visible.

2. Trim the taped set into a rectangle, round off the corners and mount onto card, leaving a narrow border all around. Use foam pads to attach the cut-out letters to the panel on top of their corresponding keys.

3. Download the typewriter body template from the website, then cut out and fold. Glue the side pieces to the tabs on the main body and cover the panels with a selection of patterned papers. Stick the keys panel to the top centre of the body’s sloping section.

4. Cut a 1cm x 14.5cm strip of coloured card. Round the ends and mount onto patterned paper, trimming to leave a border. Fix this below the keys panel with foam pads to create a space bar.

5. Cut a 15cm x 20cm piece of thin card and roll lengthways into a cylinder with a 2.5cm diameter. Cover with patterned paper and glue small scallop-edged card circles to each end. Rest this in the dips in the top of the typewriter to create the carriage roller.

6. Create two 0.5cm x 10cm strips of paper. Glue 2cm of each piece around each end of a drinking straw and lightly curl the remainder of the strip. Rest the straw in front of the roller and glue the ends of the paper strips to the back of the model.

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