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Adorable Advent

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Count down the days to Christmas with a calendar to admire.

There’s nothing better than waking up in December knowing you’ve got a sugary delicacy waiting for you downstairs. This shabby chic and full-of- sweet-treats Advent calendar is a perfect gift to create for the whole family. Round up your dies, dust off your stamps and get ready to bring this loveable triangular calendar to life.

Adorable Advent

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You will need

Patterned paper, Pebbles Merry Merry
Stamps, number
Die, small heart

Stack an advent

1. Cut 25 strips of card, 6cm x 15cm. Score each piece at 4.5cm intervals, leaving a small tab at the end. Fold each strip along the score lines and glue the tabs down to create hollow triangles.

2. Cut 25 pieces from patterned papers into 4.5cm wide equilateral triangles, each with a 5mm wide tab on one side. Score down the tabbed side, 5mm from the edge and fold. Glue the tab to one side of a hollow triangle to make a door. Repeat for the remaining shapes.

3. Arrange the triangles into a pyramid, ensuring the doors all open in the same direction. Fix the triangles together using paper clips to hold them in place as the glue dries. Continue in this way until the pyramid is complete.

4. Cover the back with white card. Cut three strips of green card to 6cm x 24cm and glue these to the sides of the pyramid, trimming away any excess at the ends.

5. Stamp numbers onto cream card, leaving a gap between each one. Let the ink dry before using a heart shaped die to cut out each number. Adhere each heart to the doors at random with 3D foam pads.


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