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New Baby Papers

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Exciting news deserves an exciting card! Make a new baby greeting with our downloadable paper collection...

New Baby Papers

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Whether you’ve just heard the news, you’re off to a baby shower or the little one has made their way into the world, we’ve got your card sorted. Use Jane Farnham’s perfect papers, toppers and sentiments to create the ultimate greeting. What makes them even more perfect? The fact that they’re ready to be downloaded and put to work. Enjoy classic motifs from storks to building blocks… and try not to weep at how cute everything is!

And do you know what’s great about a bespoke paper collection? You can forget complicated techniques and working out how to merge random elements from your stash. Colette Smith proves just how simple cardmaking can be with the right range… which is even better when you’re strapped for time! Learn to make her beginner-friendly cards and adorable mobile for the nursery. All together now: aww!

Babygrow Shaped Card
1. Download our babygrow template, print and cut out. Line up the edge of the left sleeve with the fold of a 10.5cm x 15cm white blank, then draw around it and cut out.

2. Use the template to trim another babygrow from patterned paper and cover the blank. Make a trim for the neck, sleeves and leg holes in polka dot paper.

3. Trim a simple pocket shape from polka dot paper and fix to the chest area. Cut out a small rubber duck and attach to the pocket. Highlight some of the motifs with a clear gel pen.

Stork New Baby Card
1. Trim stork paper to 9cm x 12cm and matt onto a peach 10cm x 13cm landscape blank. Cut out our ‘Little bundle of joy’ sentiment and layer onto peach card. Adhere to the centre of the greeting with 3D foam pads.

2. Cut out a stork motif and fix to the top-right of the card using 3D foam pads, so it overlaps the sentiment – you may need to use double or triple height 3D foam pads for the section not on the sentiment. Highlight some of the motifs with a clear gel pen.

New Baby Slimline Card
1. Cover the left side of a top-folding 8cm x 15cm white blank with footprint paper, 6cm x 15cm. Die cut three babies into circles and matt onto larger circles of polka dot paper with 3D foam pads.

2. Arrange the baby toppers down the length of the card in a random formation, leaving a gap, then adhere. Trim the ‘So cute’ sentiment and secure in the gap. Highlight some of the motifs with a clear gel pen.

DIY Paper Baby Mobile
1. Resize the toppers to suit. Print footprints, a sun, rainbow, cloud, building blocks and one of the babies. Cut out, leaving a border around each motif. Attach the cloud to the bottom-left of the rainbow.

2. Trim rainbow paper to 4cm x 13cm and matt onto white card. Cut five pieces of narrow white ribbon into various lengths and attach to the back, spacing them evenly. Snip another length of ribbon for the hanger and secure on the back on each side. Back with more white card for stability.

3. Apply a motif to the end of each hanging ribbon length. Attach a small piece of card over the ends to neaten, then add a star gem to the cloud to finish.

Hello Baby Card
1. Snip an 8cm x 14cm panel of polka dot paper and add vertically down the centre of a white 11cm x 14cm blank. Cut out a babygrow and fix towards the top with 3D foam pads.

2. Adhere the ‘Hello baby’ sentiment below. Use the additional papers from our website to cut out the individual ‘baby’ letters and attach over the matching lettering with 3D foam pads. Decorate with star gems.

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