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FREE Gone Glamping Papers

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They say life’s better ‘round the campfire, and we have to agree. The soft glow of the fire, that crackle sound, being surrounded by nature… not to mention the ooze of spot-on smores that you can’t help but get all down your chin! These paper designs by Jane Farnham capture all that and more across seven papers, five borders and five sentiments. The adventure starts here!

Whether you’re a camping enthusiast yourself or know someone who is, these papers are great for your stash. Sarah Jackman Read has made three cards that truly transport you to the woods, then her home décor ideas show the real capabilities of this collection – quite frankly, you can make all sorts!

Simple Easel Card
1. Create a 14cm square top-folding kraft blank and fold the front in half to create an easel card. Round off the corners with a punch. Trim kraft card to 14cm square and scenic paper to 13.5cm square. Round off the corners, layer up, then adhere to the front panel under the fold.

2. Cut out two characters and attach with 3D foam pads. Trim kraft card, 6cm x 14cm, then floral paper slightly smaller. Round off the corners and matt together. Adhere a border of boots across the centre, then attach to the base panel with 3D foam pads. Tuck the front panel behind it.

3. Attach our ‘To my best friend’ sentiment to the base panel with 3D foam pads. Add a twine bow to the top of the greeting, then adhere a mushroom in the centre.

Decoupage Pot
1. Tear up pieces of our floral paper, then adhere across the body of a small terracotta pot. Allow it to dry, then add another layer of PVA glue on top to seal. Leave to dry. Trim 1.5cm wide strips of gingham paper and secure around the lip of the pot.

2. Die cut cardboard into a circle to fit inside the top of your pot – ours has a 7cm diameter. Adhere in place. Cut out a teepee, three trees and a camping sign. Fix cocktail sticks behind each image, then pierce them through the cardboard circle to create a 3D scene.

Stepper Scene
1. Create a 14.5cm x 16cm top-folding kraft blank. Trim kraft card, 14.5cm x 15cm, and score at 7cm and 14cm. Attach the flap to the front of the blank, then mountain fold to create a stepper greeting.

2. Round off the corners with a punch. Cut our night sky paper to 14cm x 15.5cm, round off the corners, then adhere to the back panel. Secure a contrasting paper to the central panel.

3. Trim gingham paper to 6.5cm x 14cm and round off the corners. Fix to the front panel. Cut out a man, campfire and tree, then add to the top of the front panel.

4. Attach our ‘Meet you by the fire’ topper to the front panel with 3D foam pads. Add a twine bow to the top of the sentiment, then adhere a mushroom in the centre.

Hanging Decoration
1. Trim four panels of kraft card to 10.5cm x 16cm. Round off the corners with a punch, then glue the pieces together. Round off the corners of gingham paper, 10cm x 15.5cm, and adhere on top.

2. Fix a border of trees across the centre. Attach our ‘Happy glamper’ sentiment on top with 3D foam pads. Punch two holes above the topper, then thread with twine to create a hanger.

3. Punch five holes towards the bottom and thread with twine. Cut out a boot, mug, campfire, lantern and map, then punch a hole in the top of each one. Thread the motifs onto the lengths of twine. Add a twine bow below the sentiment, then adhere a mushroom in the centre.

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