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Watercolour art

How to Adult Colouring

Use this step-by-step to make watercolour creations

Watercolour art

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Cotman Brushes, 1 ½ inch flat, ¾ flat, no 8 round, no 3 rigger, Winsor & Newton Limited Edition Watercolour Desert Collection in Phthalo Sapphire, Yellow Titanate, Indian Red Deep, Dark Brown, Gold, Brown and Transparent, Orange or similar, Winsor & Newton Artists’ Watercolour in Hooker’s Green, Watercolour paper, 140lb rough

Even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush, it’s never too late to try something new. That’s why, we’ve teamed up with art brand Winsor & Newton and artist Charles Evans to give you a fantastic lesson in creating a special watercolour scene. With Charles’ helpful tips and how-to guide, you can create a picturesque gift and greeting in one that will long be treasured by its recipient.

Make a faint outline of your drawing as a guide. Prevent shading as the more you put on, the more you have to cover.
Watercolour art

Use a 1 ½ inch wash brush to pre-wet the sky area. Apply Phthalo Sapphire, weakening the colour as you come down the paper. Use a damp brush to suck out the blue washes and create clouds.
Watercolour art

Change to an no 8 round brush and mix Hooker’s Green with Yellow Titanate. Weak with water, drop this into the distant trees and add a weak touch of Phthalo Sapphire whilst wet. Apply Gold Brown to the left of the church and Dark Brown to the right. Block the roof with Indian Red Deep and water.
Watercolour art

Using an no 8 round brush with Phthalo Sapphire and a speck of Indian Red Deep and add a few longer strokes coming down at the top of each window, leaving some paper showing. For the faraway rooftops use Indian Red Deep with a lot of water and strokes of Dark Brown to the lighter sides. Use Phthalo Sapphire and Indian Red Deep on the darker side. For the greens of the trees mix Hooker's Green with Gold Brown. Drop a touch of Phthalo Sapphire to add shade. Warm up the bushes with touches of Transparent Orange and Indian Red Deep. Add shadows to the church with a mix of Phthalo Sapphire and Indian Red Deep, giving shade to the rooves, left of the windows and under the roof lines. Mix a strong green from Hooker's Green and Dark Brown for the foreground hedge. Use a no 8 round brush to drop a spot of Yellow Titanate and touches of Transparent Orange to the foliage whilst wet.
Watercolour art

For the trees right of the church, use a rigger brush and mix Phthalo Sapphire with Dark Brown. Add plenty of water, dragging the brush upwards. Change to a ¾ inch flat wash brush and mixture of Hooker's Green and Dark Brown. For the leaves, tap the side of the brush whilst wet and drop some Transparent Orange and Yellow Titanate to the outside edges. Use a no 8 round brush and pop of Indian Red Deep with Dark Brown for the bushy areas.
Watercolour art

Take a ¾ inch wash brush and fill the foreground with a mix of Dark Brown, Gold Brown and plenty of water. For the road mix Sapphire with a hint of Transparent Orange and lots of water. Once dry, add grass to the field with a ¾ inch flat wash brush and mix of Hooker's Green and Gold Brown. Let the undercolour of the track marks shine through amongst the grasses as shown. Add final shadows to the bottom left with a mixture of Sapphire and Indian Red Deep.

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