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Votive Lantern Decorations

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What a great gift idea! Turn plain glass candles into works of art with our how-to

Votive Lantern Decorations

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Butterfly template
Glass candles
Paper, patterned
Punch, lace border
Gem, green
Ribbon: yellow, lace
Double-sided tape

1. Measure the circumference and height of two glass candles. Draw two rectangles onto patterned paper, adding an extra 1cm in circumference to allow the ends to overlap. Make one 1cm taller in height and the second 3mm taller.

2. Place a strip of double-sided tape on the overlap section but do not peel the backing paper off. Trace the butterfly template onto the smaller rectangle. Cut out the wings of the shape,
leaving the central ‘body’ uncut. Decorate with a green gem.

3. Wrap this rectangle around the candle and fix with the double-sided tape. Fold out the wings. Take the larger rectangle and use a border punch system to create a lace effect along the top edge. Repeat with the bottom edge. Wrap around the candle and secure with double-sided tape.

4. Cover a length of yellow ribbon, slightly wider than the third candle’s circumference, with double-sided tape. Add a section of lace ribbon over this. Attach around the top of the glass jar with more double-sided tape.

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