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Paper Sunflowers

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Ingrid Vichova has created not only these magnificent paper sunflowers but also both sunflower SVG files and PNG files to help you get started on your paper flowers right away. You can use the files with your Cricut or other digital cutting machine, or use the PNGs as standard templates. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, so why not craft these paper flowers and display them in your window as a sign of solidarity?

Paper Sunflowers

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You will need:
SVG files or PNG files
Paper, 130gsm
Ink sprays: Lindy’s Stamp Gang Azure Sea Asters, Caribbean Blue, Bachelor Button Blue, Lucky Shamrock Green, Bells of Ireland Green, Clam Bake Beige, Cape Cod Coral, Pineapple Paradise, Yellow Rose of Texas, Midnight Rendezvous Raven
Jewellery wire
Tools: ball-ended, glue gun
Adhesives: 3D foam pads, tape, glue
Digital cutting machine (optional)

1. Download your paper flower SVG files or paper flower PNG files from our website. If you’re using PNG files, use them with a digital cutting machine or print them as regular templates. For SVG files, scale them to the desired size on your digital cutting machine first. You can make some flowers bigger and others smaller, just make sure to scale the relevant parts together. Once happy, go ahead and cut out all the pieces.

2. If you cut your pieces using the pre-coloured paper flower PNGs, then skip to Step 3. If not, place the sunflower petals into a cardboard box and spray with a deep yellow colour. You can make splatters or mist with a slightly darker yellow or orange for a more organic look. Leave to dry. Repeat the process, spraying the leaves and stems with green, then the grass with light yellow. Spray the cornflower petals with blue and the sunflower centres with black or brown ink. Use a combination of flat and shimmery ink sprays. Leave to dry.

3. To create a stem, apply glue to the edge of a green stem strip, then place jewellery wire on the glue and start twirling around the wire. Using a ball-ended tool and a 3D foam pad, curl and add detail to the petals and leaves. For the sunflower centres, stack the pieces together using the number order on the templates. Use a hot glue gun to assemble the flowers, then adhere the leaves and tie the flowers into a posy with tape to keep everything in place.

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