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Star piñata

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Planning your next birthday bash? Craft this ombré accessory and let your guests in for a smashing surprise! Whether you’re throwing a birthday gathering, a baby shower or a friendly get-together, this star piñata is sure to make a fabulous centerpiece and decoration, but most of all a cracking party game!

Star piñata

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YOU WILL NEED: Craft essentials, Tissue paper, Baker’s twine

1 Cut two large five pointed star shapes from thick cardstock. Trim a square from the centre of one star and create a door by adhering one side as a hinge. Cut ten 4cm wide strips of card and trim to match the lengths of the star’s arms. 
2 Use tape to fix the strips to one star and adhere the joins of the strips so that they stand at a right angle to the star and form a wall around the shape. Knot a loop of baker’s twine and attach firmly between two strips where the star forms a point.
3 Position the second star on top of the wall and adhere using tape. Fill the star with your choice of goodies through the square door and tape closed. Next, lay out sheets of tissue paper and create 5cm wide strips in various hues of blue.
4 Fold a single strip of tissue paper length ways, not quite in half and create fringes along the edge. Repeat for the other colours. Starting at the bottom of the star, apply a little glue to the two bottom points.
5 Wrap the darkest shade strips around the base, pleating if necessary to accommodate the change in angle. Add two or three more strips of the same colour, leaving 1cm between each layer.
6 Change to a slightly lighter shade and continue in this way, covering the door as you do so and finishing with the lightest shades at the top of the piñata.

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