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Quilled Sentiment Card

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Create striking sentiments amongst a flourish of quilled blooms with Elizabeth Moad

Quilled Sentiment Card

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Put your pen down and pick up your quilling tool to personalise or add sentiments to your projects. As an alternative to calligraphy or stamping, quilled lettering is a great way to add instant impact to your designs – we love the look of messages hidden within a flourish of quilled flowers. Lettering with a twist, be sure to achieve unique designs to wow your recipient!

Quilling paper, 3mm: white, pink, red, yellow, orange, green
Quilling tools: slotted, needle
Adhesives: glue, masking tape

1. Print out a ‘Hi’ sentiment and attach it to an 11.5cm x 17cm panel of white card. Print out a sentiment and use masking tape
to temporarily attach it to your card blank. Use an embossing tool to trace the outline of each letter, pressing heavily.

2. Use a little glue to stick white strips to the embossed outline of the letters. Work slowly and hold each piece in place with tweezers as the adhesive dries.

3. To create a flower petal, make a loose closed coil from a 20cm length of paper, pinch into a teardrop shape. Cut a strip to 5cm and make a tight coil for the centre. Trim several green strips between 5cm and 8cm in length and loosely coil each end, then stick a few near every flower.

4. Coil and pinch 10cm strips in a different colour into teardrop shapes. Attach at 1cm intervals along each side of the green strips. Using a needle tool, make open coils from lengths of dark and light green paper between 2cm and 10cm, then glue to the greeting.

5. Make six flowers in various colours and arrange them around the sentiment. Mount the completed panel onto a 12.5cm x 18.5cm white blank.

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