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Quilled Daffodil Bunch

Papercraft Quilling

Learn to make this really sweet posy of daffodils with time-honoured quilling techniques

Quilled Daffodil Bunch

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Quilling strips: yellow, light green, teal
Quilling tool
Quilling board
Drinking straw
PVA glue
Double-sided tape

1. Split the yellow strips in half lengthways. Using one of the strips for each petal, roll into a tight coil using the second smallest teardrop shape on the
quilling board. Allow to loosen slightly and nip each petal to a point at one side, glueing to keep shape. Position the petals into a flower formation and glue together with small dabs of PVA.

2. Take two yellow strips, roll end to end into a tight coil and seal with a dot of glue. Use your finger to dome the coil into a bowl shape roughly 1cm tall. Coat the inside with a layer of PVA glue then place it into position in the centre of the petals.

3. Cover a drinking straw in double-sided tape and wrap it with a dark green paper strip using a spiral formation. Snip off any excess. Make a tight coil from one dark green strip and push into a 2cm point.

4. Attach the open end of the tight coil to the back of the daffodil head, and insert the tight end into one end of the drinking straw. Make another daffodil in this way and create an ‘unblossomed’ bud by positioning one yellow quilled bowl shape into another at the circumference.

5. Finish by cutting tall, straight leaves from dark green strips to a point and create a bow using light green strips that are cut in half lengthways.

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