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Quilled daffodil bowl

Quilling Quilling

Quill a bowl and decorate with dainty daffodils for spring

Quilled daffodil bowl

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Craft Essentials, 5mm quilling strips: Fawn, Deep Yellow, 2mm quilling strips: Canary Yellow, Deep Yellow, Lime Green, Lush Green, Quilling tool

As the days grow longer and flowers begin to blossom, spring is a great time of year to get creative and feel inspired by nature’s true beauty. Here, Diane Boden from JJ Quilling demonstrates how to create a stunning bowl embellished with beautiful daffodils. Once you’ve assembled your basket, fill it with mini eggs and watch all the family enjoy their chocolatey treats, as well as your impressive creation too!

Roll 5mm Fawn strips into a tight coil. Continue rolling and adding more strips until the coil measures 4cm in diameter. Form a bowl shape by pulling up the sides as you roll. Keep adding Fawn strips until the bowl’s height is 5.5cm. Apply glue to the inside of the shape and leave to dry.

Roll six coils from 2mm x 7.5cm Canary Yellow strips. Glue down each end and pinch the coils at both sides to form tear-drop shapes. Arrange the petals so that their points touch in the centre and glue together

Roll a 2mm strip of Deep Yellow into a tight coil and glue down the end while it is still on the quilling tool. Cut a fine fringe along one edge of a Deep Yellow 5mm strip and glue the uncut section to the small coil. Once dry, fan out the fringe and attach this piece to the centre of the petals. Repeat nine times.

Glue four 2mm Lime Green strips together to create thicker flower stems and attach them to the flower heads. Make the leaves by rolling a 45cm long Lime Green strip into a loose coil.

Fix the end, making sure the coil is very loose. Pinch hard at either end to make a thin leaf shape. Hold it between your finger and thumb and apply a little glue on the back to prevent it from opening up.

Using 22.5cm strips of 2mm Lush Green, make grass in the same way as the leaves. Once you have covered your basket with enough leaves and grass, glue the daffodils between the centre of the leaves as shown.

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