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Quilled Cupcake Card

Quilling Quilling

Quill a yummy cupcake for an easy birthday card

Quilled Cupcake Card

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Templates:, Quilling papers, 2mm or 3mm, Quilling tool: 2mm or 3mm, Cardstock, Patterned paper, Adhesives

Make 16 pegs from green paper, 16 from pink and 17 from white by rolling a 7.5cm paper strip tightly and sticking down the tip of the paper before removing from the quilling tool.

Glue the pegs in same-colour flower arrangements, each featuring seven pegs. Make the seventh flower from the leftover pegs.

Use the online template to trace and cut out three layers of icing, the largest from green, the middle from pink and the top from white. Stick the flowers to the icing strips as shown, setting the multi-coloured bloom aside. Cut out a cupcake case shape from spotty paper.

Fill in the space between flowers with three-coil shapes by folding a 15cm paper strip in half and rolling it up from the folded end three quarters of the way.

Allow the coil to fall freely from the tool, then roll up the two open ends either in the same or opposite directions. Again, allow these coils to fall freely from the tool.

Spread a thin layer of glue where you want the swirls to go and manipulate the coils into place with a cocktail stick. Fill in any remaining spaces with 7.5cm coils.

Stick a 7cm strip of white paper to a 10.5cm x 11.5cm blue blank and fix the cupcake on top. Glue the top flower in place.

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