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Quilled cake toppers

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Make special festive cake toppers that will wow your guests and family! The quilling techniques used are straight forward, and the crimped paper used for the robins creates the effect of feathers.

Quilled cake toppers

Craft essentials
Quilling papers: 3mm wide, red, brown; 2mm wide, black, white, yellow; 10mm, wide pink
Tools: Quilling tool, Paper crimper, Paper fringer
Wooden sticks

1 To make the robin’s body, crimp strips of dark brown paper and one of red, 3mm wide. With the quilling tool, make a red loose closed coil, then repeat with one length of brown. Join the two together to form the body.

2 Make two loose coils for the wings from with 15cm lengths of brown. Once the red and brown coils are glued together, wrap with a length of crimped paper. Glue to card, then attach wings either side of the robin.

3 Make legs with short lengths of brown paper and attach to the body. Glue a 7cm length of black paper to 7cm white. Coil this length, starting with black and ending with white. Glue the eye to the robin and make another. For the beak, take a 10cm length of yellow, make a loose coil and pinch into a triangle.

4 Attach the robin onto a circle of cream card, then mount onto a larger green sphere. To create a hat, fringe a 20cm length of pink paper with the fringing tool. Make a tight coil and glue the end in place.

5 Cut a pink hat shape from card and glue to the top of the robin. Attach the fringed flower as a bobble. Cut a banner shape from cream and attach a ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting, then fix to the top of a cocktail stick.

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