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Quill a fabulous butterfly card

Card making Papercraft Quilling Techniques Quilling

Look what the Queen of Qulling, Elizabeth Moad, has whipped up here! Butterflies are great beginner-friendly shapes for those new to quilling, and if you want more to make, simply refer to our Crafter’s Guide in issue 94. Enjoy!

Quill a fabulous butterfly card

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Dark purple, light purple and pink quilling papers, coloured card, stencil, circle die, foam pads

Just a note

Quill a large butterfly following the steps below. To make one length of quilling paper, glue dark purple shape, 10cm, light purple, 20cm, then pink, 20cm, together, then create a smaller one from dark purple, 5cm, light purple, 10cm, then pink, 10cm. The bodies of the smaller butterflies are made from a 10cm length of light purple.
Quill a fabulous butterfly card

Take a strip of purple card, 12cm x 23cm, then make two 6cm horizontal cuts 7cm and 9cm away from the right edge and 4cm up. Score six lines vertically to make three 4cm squares, which act as 'steps'.

Stencil yellow card, 10.5cm square, and shape the right side to follow the direction of the steps on the purple blank, then matt. Stamp or write 'Just a note' onto yellow, die-cut into a circle and ink the edges. Mount to the topright of the blank using foam pads

Fix quilled butterflies onto the blank to finish.

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