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Paper Wisteria

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Prepare for some paper wisteria hysteria thanks to this splendid project from PaperCrafter designer Corinne Bradd. Wisteria is one of our very favourite plants here at PaperCrafter HQ, and with these glorious paper wisteria it’s easy to see why. Guaranteed to add a pop of colour and a touch of class to your home décor, this paper plant has to go to the top of your crafty to-do list. There’s nothing holding you back either, with our wisteria SVG files and templates making the job simpler than ever.

Paper Wisteria

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Templates or Wisteria SVG files
Cardstock: pink, lilac, green
Embroidery thread, green
Beads: 4mm, 6mm
Large-eyed needle
Knitting needle
Needle tool (optional)
Digital cutting machine (optional)

1. Print and trace around the templates or scan the SVG files onto your digital cutting machine and cut several of each sized flower from pink or lilac cardstock. Each wisteria vine uses between two to four of each flower size.

2. Use the blade of a pair of scissors to curl each petal upwards before curling the flower in and glueing the small tab to the inside of the opposite petal to make a bell shape. Glue all the flowers, then leave to dry.

3. Take a 50cm length of green embroidery thread and place a small bead in the centre. Thread both ends through a large-eyed needle and pass through the centre of one of the smallest flowers, using a needle tool to make a hole in the flower first if necessary.

4. Thread on another small bead and continue to add flowers, gradually increasing the size of the bead as you move on to the larger flowers. Allow the blossoms to hang freely, securing the top with a dab of glue if necessary.

5. Fold strips of green card in half and cut out the leaf shapes using the templates. Unfold each leaf and curl over scissors before glueing two or three to the top of the flower chains. Snip a long tapered strip from green card and wind tightly around a knitting needle to create tendrils. Add these to the top of each flower chain.

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