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Make this advent calendar in one afternoon

Christmas crafts Origami Stamping Paper Art

Counting down the days to Christmas is much more fun with a handmade advent calendar, filled with mini gifts and handwritten notes for a loved one. Try your hand at these folded paper pouches today and you’ll be finished by 1st December - trust us!

Make this advent calendar in one afternoon

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Craft essentials, patterned wrapping paper, snowflake and scallop-edged circle dies, numerical stamps, sturdy cardboard, mini pegs, brown ink pad , online template

We’d love to see your Christmas makes, so why not share your pics to our Facebook wall or tweet us @PaperCrafterMag and we could even share them for you. Happy Christmas crafting!

Create a triangle tree with a curved base from a 32cm x 45cm piece of sturdy cardboard. Cover the cone shape with wrapping paper, securing on the back. Secure a loop of twine to the back to hang. Tape five more lengths of twine across the tree at 7cm intervals from the top without pulling the string too taut

Download and print the bag template from our website. Cut along the outside on patterned paper and score the dotted lines. Crease the score lines and concertina fold the centre ones to make the base of the bag

One at a time, fold up the sides, then bring them together, creasing the excess paper at the corner at a 45° angle. Glue the side tabs together. When the glue is dry, crease down the centres of the sides to mimic the concertina fold on the bottom

Die-cut a 5cm circle from yellow card, glue a 4cm scallop-edged circle of a different colour on top, then add a die-cut snowflake to the centre. Glue the edge of the circle to the top edge of a bag and fold over to make a flap

Make a total of 24 paper pouches in this way, using different coloured card and patterned papers. Use a 2.5cm circle die to create 24 discs from cream card. Stamp numbers 1-24 on each with brown ink and leave to dry

Fix a number to the front of each bag using 3D foam pads, then fill them with small treats. Clip each bag onto one of the twine lines with a mini peg. You can arrange them in numerical order or by colour and pattern

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