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Make Festive Honeycomb Decs

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There’s nothing better than being able to craft up some festive baubles, and these honeycomb decs are both seasonal and versatile!

Make Festive Honeycomb Decs


Craft Essentials, Tissue paper

Using only Craft Essentials and an assortment of tissue papers, these quick and easy makes are as simple as can be. There’s a world of tissue paper out there, you can craft up these paper baubles in near enough any hue imaginable, ready to suit any colour theme. So follow our photo steps and decorate your tree, adorn your gift wraps or even fashion a bauble wreath out these fabulous honeycomb decs by Corinne Bradd!

Cut sheets of coloured tissue paper into 10cm x 12cm rectangles

Trim a piece of card to the same size and mark the first side at 2.5cm intervals

Flip the rectangle over and mark the other side at 1.2cm, then at 2.5cm intervals

Lay a sheet of tissue over side one and glue along the guides

Lay this tissue sticky side down onto another piece of tissue

Flip the guide over and stick a third piece of tissue along the guides of side two

Place it glue side down on the in this way to build a pile of at least 72 sheets

Trim the sides of the stack at right angles to the glue lines and cut out a semi circle

Glue along the spine of the semicircle, add a loop of cord and two small card squares for fixing then open out the decoration to reveal the honeycomb design

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