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Luxury DIY Christmas Crackers

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Impress the whole family this Christmas with these snazzy crackers that ooze opulence.

Luxury DIY Christmas Crackers

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Patterned card
Baker’s twine
Scoring tool
Craft knife

1. Cut patterned card to 13cm x 18cm and score across at 2cm intervals to create six sections plus a 1cm wide tab. Score down the card at 3cm, 4cm and 5cm from either end. Fold along all score lines, concertina folding the lines that form the ends of the cracker. Keep the ends folded at the 4cm score lines and snip ‘v’ shapes from the fold to the next scoreline.

2. Open the folds to reveal a series of diamond shapes on either side of the cracker. Roll up the card and glue the 1cm wide tab to the opposing end creating a hexagonal tube. Push the ends of the tube towards each other, allowing the folds and diamonds to contract inwards.

3. Cut a length of baker’s twine and wrap around one of the inward folds twice before tying securely into a neat bow. Fill your cracker with treats before tying the other end in the same way.

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