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Issue 147 designer for the day

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What is it about papercutting that’s so dynamic? Maybe it’s the intricacy involved, the obvious labour of love that goes into each piece, or the fact that there are pretty much no limits when it comes to what you can create. Sarah King, author of Papercut Landscapes, knows this better than anyone – and proves it gloriously with this make. A sun-drenched ode to happy summers spent at the coast, Sarah’s piece celebrates a shining memory through a medium that is as well-equipped as any to capture warmth.

Issue 147 designer for the day

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You will need:
Card: 210gsm textured white, 210gsm coloured card
Papers, glitter
Embellishments: glass beads, metallic sequins, acrylic gems
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen
Adhesive: PVA glue
Tools, spreading, scalpel, craft knife

1. Take a panel of white card, and trim to whichever size will fit your chosen frame.  Draw the elements of a beach scene on the back. Use a craft knife to cut away everything except the pencil lines. This will form the back of the finished papercut.

2. Take a photocopy of, or trace, the side with pencil lines. The photocopy or tracing will act as the template for cutting out accurate shapes from coloured card to stick to the back. These are called infills. To add colour infills, identify the parts of the design that are in front of other objects. For example, the beach huts are front of the sand and the sky, so colour those first.

3. Hold your paper template firmly on top of the coloured paper and cut through both sections with your craft knife directly on the line. Make sure not to cut inside the lines, as the paper shape will be too small to glue to the back of the papercut. Lift out both pieces with the point of a knife, discarding the top shape. Glue the remaining coloured infill to the back of the white papercut, using a glue pen for smaller pieces and thin spreads of PVA glue for larger pieces.

4. Add small sections of glitter card to colour the beach hut stripes and the kite. Once the smaller pieces are filled, cut larger pieces of blue and yellow card to cover the sea, sand and sky. Adhere these straight across the back of the infilled pieces. Don’t worry if the big pieces overlap the edges of the piece, as this will make it sturdier. If necessary, trim any excess when dry.

5. Once each space is coloured, cut a piece of white card larger than the design. Attach to the back of the papercut to fix everything in place. Turn over, then cut waves from glitter card, and stick them over the sea. Embellish with gems and sequins, then add to a frame to complete.

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