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Geometric Flexagon cards

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Who said geometry can’t be fun? Flexagons are constructed by folding strips of paper that can be flexed to reveal different faces. As complex as it sounds, all you need to do is score, cut and snip triangles to create a bright, playful card.

Geometric Flexagon cards

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PaperCrafter essentials

1 Draw a line down the centre of a 12cm x 21cm piece of card and pencil a 60° line from the middle of it. Measure from the end of the line back down to make a series of equilateral triangles on the card, then score the lines.

2 Cut the card in half, concertina fold the triangles, then trim the half triangle from one end. Glue a whole triangle over the half to make a continuous strip of card. Trim away the remaining half triangles.

3 Fold backwards at the fourth and seventh triangles, then overlap the last triangle to make a hexagon with a spare panel. Stick the spare panel over the last triangle to complete the shape. Check the mechanism by pinching the shape into three pairs.

4 The card should fall open to reveal different faces. If not, pinch again in the opposite direction. Lay the card flat and decorate with patterned papers and motifs, use slightly smaller triangles so they don’t interfere with the folds.

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