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Free paper poppy project

Papercraft Paper Flowers

Craft a paper poppy for Remembrance Sunday with this free project from Paper Plants by Sarah Dennis. We can’t get enough of the vibrant projects in this fabulous new book from the The Make It By Hand Papercraft series. It includes 15 flowers and plants for you to craft, plus templates are included so you can get constructing right away. Buy your copy here at

Free paper poppy project

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1 The template makes two poppies. Download the template and print it onto paper. Cut out the stigmas and sepals with a craft knife, then the petals and leaves with scissors.

2 For each poppy, pierce a slot in the sepal where marked and in the centre of the petal base with a large needle or craft knife. Take a length of green wire and bend the top over by 5mm. Wrap florist tape tightly around the wire up to the bend. Push the bend through the sepal and petal base and fold down.

3 Run a bone folder over the petals of the petal base to give them a gentle curve. Do the same with the three single petals. Add dabs of glue to the centre of the petal base with a glue gun and and attach the single petals so they are positioned in the gaps.

4 Fold up the laments of the stigma, then glue down in the centre. Cut a piece of florist wire 7cm long. Take a pair of leaves. Attach a strip of double-sided tape down the centre of one of them and press the wire along the tape from the top of the leaf. Add small dabs of glue around the edge of the leaf and secure the other leaf over it, concealing the wire. Press firmly. Wrap the end of the wire around the stem of the flower and cover the join with florist tape.

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