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Fold this amazing book art for a friend

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This project is a great way to give an old book a new lease of life. These stunning displays make an eye-catching centrepiece for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or birthday parties. They can be decorated with flowers or other embellishments to match a colour scheme. What’s best, there’s no cutting involved, and each page only has a simple fold on each corner. Designer Corinne Bradd adds “Always mark from the centre out and fold from front to back so that your word sits in the middle of the book”.

Fold this amazing book art for a friend

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Craft essentials, online template, approx. 300 page hard-backed book, 2mm graph paper, flower dies

Download our ‘Hope’ template here. Trace the word onto 2mm lined graph paper with a fine line pen, ensuring the word sits straight on the paper. Place the graph paper inside the book and move it up or down to position the word across the centre of the book. Mark the top or bottom of the page on the graph paper and draw a guide line straight across the sheet.

Find the middle of the word and the centre fold of the book. Remember that every 2mm that your word measures on the graph paper, will be one double-sided page of the book (two page numbers, back and front). Fold the graph paper if necessary and line up the central vertical line of the word behind the edge of the centre page of the book. Check the top and bottom of the page sits on the guides. Use a sharp pencil to mark the edge of the page where your word outline touches it.

Remove the graph paper and place it behind the previous page of the book, lining the edge up to the first 2mm line before the centre. Mark the edge as before. Continue moving and marking towards the front of the book. Once completed, return to the centre of the word and book then mark through the second half, lining up the edges to the 2mm lines after the centre.

Lay the book in front of you, with the cover side up and the spine facing away. On the first marked page, fold the bottom left corner up at the first left mark at 45° and crease well. Do the same for the bottom right corner on the right hand mark. If you have other pairs of marks, measure the distance between them and cut into the page at half this amount in the very centre. Fold the cut sections in the same way as the corners. Continue folding and cutting throughout the whole book to create the word. Glueing the folds down is generally unnecessary, but use PVA glue to secure any tiny cut parts that keep flipping up.

Either leave the excess pages at the front and back of the book unfolded or fold them all in line with the first and last parts of the word. Decorate the insides of the cover with patterned paper. Stand the book up and allow the pages to spread out naturally. Die cut patterned paper flowers, curve the petals and layer together before glueing to the inside of the covers.

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