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DIY Pen Pot

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Round up your stash of leftover straws and make a nifty pen pot to keep your desk in order. These nifty party accessories are a common household item and this quick project requires minimal supplies which makes it the perfect make if you’re on a budget!

DIY Pen Pot

You will need: Craft essentials, paper straws, small jar

1 Measure the height of a glass jar and cut several stripy straws 2mm shorter. Wrap two bands of double-sided tape around the jar and stand it upside down.
2 Press the straws up against the tape so that they are perpendicular and the uncut ends are adjacent to your work surface. Alternate the colours of the straws until the entire jar is covered.
3 Wrap striped baker’s twine three times around the top and bottom of the jar before tying tightly in a reef knot and trimming the ends.

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