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Craft A Festive Gift Bag

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By simply crafting a brown paper bag with these easy-to-follow steps, you can present all of your Christmas surprises in this fabulous festive gift bag!

Craft A Festive Gift Bag


Craft essentials, Twine, Hole punch, Needle

This Corinne Bradd design plays on a rustic yet funky motif, combining bright blues and reds with warm brown paper and twine. Follow our photo steps to whip up this handy and seasonal way to present your pressies!

Fold an A4 sheet of brown paper 2.5cm from each long side. Fold across the sheet at 7cm, 9.5cm, 21cm and 23.5cm.
Craft A Festive Gift Bag

Reverse fold between the lines to create side gussets. Keep one long side folded over while doing this.

Move to the unfolded edge, this will be the base of the bag. Crease the bottom of the gussets at 45 degrees to make crisp corners.

Use a hole punch to make holes on the folded top edge of the paper for threading later.
Craft A Festive Gift Bag

Lightly fix your chosen pricking template to the wrong side of the paper with tape.

Place the paper over a foam mat and use a fine needle tool to prick through both layers.

Use double-sided tape to fix the two short edges of paper together, creating the back seam.
Craft A Festive Gift Bag

Fold along the pre-creased lines at the base of the bag and close the bottom with tape.

Thread twine through the holes and knot to make handles before decorating as desired.

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