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Christmas Fairy Illustrations

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Grab your colouring pens, paints and pencils, then have a go at these magical illustrations with Rebecca Jones.

Christmas Fairy Illustrations

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Craft essentials
Templates from
Liberty fabric scraps
Fine liner, black
Ink, gold
Sewing needle
Tracing paper
Washi tape

1. Download and print the fairy template from our website and trace onto drawing paper. Colour in the larger sections of the fairy with marker pens or pencils. Then use a fine liner for the eyes and hair detail, and a little gold ink for her crown.

2. Using a sewing needle, pierce the nine dots on the template and carefully cut out the pieces with scissors. Fix the arms and legs to the fairy with brads, trim a small piece of fabric and adhere to the body. Ensure the top of the fabric lines up with the dotted line on the template.

3. Make a small crease on each edge of the fabric and tape it to the back to secure. Pleat it with your fingers and attach it to the body using decorative tape, then cut in half lengthwise. Fold back the wings along the dotted lines, so they stand away from the body.

4. Take a 4cm piece of tape, cut it in half lengthwise, and use it to tape the wings onto the back of the fairy. To finish, pass gold thread through the hole made earlier in her crown, and use it to make a hanging loop.

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