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Wedding Papers

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By the authority vested in us, we now pronounce these papers... stunning!

Wedding Papers

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Saying ‘I do’ is one of the more special moments in life. Which is why we’re finally releasing a Wedding paper collection with the help of illustrator Millicent Venton – we know, we know, it was about time. Filled with classic motifs (the outfits, wow!) and nine cut-out-and-craft sentiments, you’ll only need some essentials from your craft stash to get going.

There’s a real mix of elements in these digital craft papers, which provide ample inspiration. Our cardmaker Sarah Jackman Read has really made the most of them – creating a shaker card from the large floral heart topper, doubling up on sentiments with a half front greeting, using leftover papers to make a keepsake horseshoe, and more. Why not see what you can come up with?

Wedding Shaker Card
1. Matt a 10.5cm x 15cm top-folding white blank with cream card, then champagne paper. Adhere floral paper, 4cm x 15cm, down the centre. Cut out the floral heart. Trim away the centre and fix acetate to the back.

2. Run foam tape around the back of the heart so there are no gaps. Cut out a married couple to fit behind the heart, then sprinkle confetti sequins in the centre. Remove the backing from the foam tape and secure the couple on top, so they face through the acetate.

3. Adhere the shaker heart to the greeting, towards the top. Cut out ‘You’re getting married!’ and layer onto cream card. Attach with 3D foam pads, then finish with an organza bow below.

Wedding Favour Box
1. Use our pillow box template to draw, cut out and score a pillow box from white card. Use the template again to trim two pieces of heart paper to fit the front and back, then adhere in place.

2. Matt cake paper, 3cm x 7.5cm, onto cream card, then fix to the front on the left. Cut out our ‘Thank you!’ sentiment and secure on the right. Snip two hearts and attach with 3D foam pads, then add an organza bow. Fold the score lines of the box and assemble.

Maid Of Honour Aperture Card
1. Create a 14.5cm square top-folding white blank. Matt with cream card and floral paper. Die cut a 7.5cm x 10.5cm oval through the front on the left. Adhere dress paper, 3cm x 14cm, down the right-hand side. Trim heart paper to 14cm square and fix inside.

2. Layer a sentiment onto cream card, then attach on the right with 3D foam pads. Trim three hearts and adhere on top. Cut out two identical dresses, snip some of the skirt from one, then layer together with 3D foam pads. Secure at an angle in the oval aperture. Add an organza bow. Cut out shoes and fix at the bottom of the oval.

Wedding Lucky Horseshoe
1. Use our template to draw and cut a horseshoe from cardboard. Secure lengths of organza ribbon to the top, then tie. Trim strips of various papers to 1cm wide and wrap them around the horseshoe, adhering in place at the back.

2. Fix two jackets to white card, cut out, then attach to the centre of the horseshoe with 3D foam pads. Cut out ‘Mr & Mr’ and matt onto cream card. Stick on top of the jackets with 3D foam pads, then finish with an organza bow.

Wedding Half Front Card
1. Make a 12cm x 16cm side-opening white blank and trim the front down to 6cm high. Matt the inside and front panels with cream card trimmed slightly smaller. Adhere cake paper, 11cm x 15cm, inside. Cut out ‘To the happy couple’ and fix to the top of inside panel with 3D foam pads.

2. Trim floral paper to 5cm x 11cm and stick to the front panel. Adhere champagne paper, 1.5cm x 15.5cm, across the centre. Secure a married couple to white card, cut out and stick to the front panel, just above the border, with 3D foam pads.

3. Cut out a sentiment and attach to a rectangle of champagne paper with 3D foam pads. Matt onto cream card. Fix to the centre of the border, then complete with an organza bow.

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