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No Glue Gift Box Templates


If you've got issue 102 of PaperCrafter magazine, then you'll have spotted a Bonus Project! Download the template and follow the photo guides below and you'll have amazing boxes in no time. If you come stuck at any point, follow our video tutorial here

No Glue Gift Box Templates

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TIP: You can use any size square, but practise on larger sheets until you get the hang of it

1 Lay a 30cm square of paper pattern side down, then use a bone folder to crease in half horizontally. Fold the top and bottom edges to the horizontal crease, then bring the bottom edge to the top crease, open and fold the top edge to the bottom crease.  Lay the paper flat and fold each corner in to meet the second creased line from the top and bottom.

2 Flip your paper so the pattern is facing up and rotate so the majority of creases are vertical. Fold the top and bottom edges to the centre. Concertina fold the bottom piece back on itself, then open out. Gently pull the inside triangular flaps up and squash the fold down to make a rectangle. Repeat with the top piece.

3 Flip over and fold so that the bottom edge of the now rectangular flap meets the bottom edges of the corners that were folded in earlier. Rotate your folded sheet lengthwise. There should be five horizontal creases. Sharpen the four outer ones to give the box crisp edges. Lay flat, then raise the lengthwise panels to stand at a 90° angle to the base.

4 Pull the lid, folding in the creases you have just sharpened. As you fold, a square box will form in the centre. Glue these pieces if they do not lay flat. Repeat this with the other side, and simply slip the edge of one flap into the triangle pockets under the other one. Decorate your box with washi tape and die-cut embellishments.

“Use a bone folder for very sharp and precise creases ‒ this makes a much neater box”
Corinne Bradd, Designer

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