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Issue 82 Templates Are Available To Download


Get the most out of your shiny new issue of PaperCrafter and enjoy a selection of free printables to complete the great makes found inside! ** Issue 82 of PaperCrafter is on sale Friday 8th May **

Issue 82 Templates Are Available To Download

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We try our best to keep our templates to a minimum, but for a select few projects you might find these particularly handy. Why not print them off and keep them in your archives to use whenever you wish?

To download the issue 82 templates, simply click on the download link and it will open in your browser.

Why not send us a piccie of your project once you’re done? Email for your chance to be featured in the next issue, and enter our monthly #CraftChallenge on our Facebook page.

Napkin ring template

Birdhouse greeting & floral delight templates

Animal pegs & birdy box templates

Floral fox template

Deer glade template

Patchwork owl template

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