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FREE Pumpkin Patch Papers

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FREE Pumpkin Patch Papers

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One of our favourite things about autumn is heading to the local pumpkin patch. Grabbing a wheelbarrow, choosing the best (and sometimes most eccentric) gourds, getting muddy, and making treats like pumpkin pie or soup when you get home… what could be better? Illustrator Millicent Venton has done a wonderful job bringing the tradition alive with eight prints and seven sentiments, ready to download here. Before then, see what autumnal delights you can make with them…

Simple Stepper Card
1. Create a 14cm square top-folding white blank. Trim white card to 14cm x 15cm, score down from the longer side at 7cm and 14cm, then adhere the flap to the bottom of the blank. Mountain fold the other score line to make a stepper card.

2. Cover the front and back panels with orange card, then the middle section with leaf paper. Adhere scenic paper, 13.5cm square, to the back panel. Fix a sentiment in the top-left corner of the front section.

3. Secure sunflower paper, 6.5cm x 13.5cm, to the front. Add a small border of leaf paper across the bottom, then wrap baker’s twine around it. Cut out pumpkins and a dog, then adhere on the left.

4. Die cut a 5cm x 9cm rectangular frame from brown card and attach leaf paper behind it with 3D foam pads. Fix to the front panel. Add two characters and a dog on top with 3D foam pads.

5. Cut out a scarecrow and secure behind the frame. Trim a cart, farmhouse and trees, then adhere to the back panel with 3D foam pads. Finish with a baker’s twine bow.

Pumpkin Bunting
1. Die cut seven 7cm x 11cm rectangles from autumnal shades of card. Trim the bottom of each one into a pennant. Matt with our patterned papers. Punch holes in the top corners, then thread baker’s twine through the holes to create bunting.

2. Cut out a sentiment and adhere to the central pennant with 3D foam pads. Add a baker’s twine bow. Snip six food and drink motifs, then attach to the other pennants with 3D foam pads.

Autumn Layered Card
1. Cover the front of a 9cm x 15cm top-folding white blank with brown card. Matt with knitting paper. Trim sunflower paper to 2.5cm x 14.5cm, layer onto brown card, then adhere across the bottom. Wrap baker’s twine around it. Fix a sentiment in the centre with 3D foam pads.

2. Die cut an 8cm x 12cm rectangular frame from orange card, then secure door paper behind it with 3D foam pads. Stick to the top of the card so it extends the greeting. Cut out two characters and add either side of the frame. Fix plants, pumpkins and a dog across the bottom of the frame, then finish with a baker’s twine bow.

Trick Or Treat Bag
1. Use our treat bag template to draw, cut out and score a treat box from orange card. Matt each facing with patterned paper. Attach double-sided tape to the flap, fold into a box shape, then adhere the flap inside.

2. Die cut a 4cm x 8cm rectangle from brown card and a 3cm x 7cm rectangle from leaf paper. Layer together and attach to the front with 3D foam pads. Add a sentiment towards the top of the rectangles.

3. Cut out a pumpkin and fix below the sentiment with 3D foam pads. Punch a hole in each side, then thread with baker’s twine to create a handle. Finish with a baker’s twine bow.

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