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Beach Hut Cards Masterclass

Card making Projects

Create a collection of bright beach hut cards with Elizabeth Moad

Beach Hut Cards Masterclass

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Top technique
Sewing paper with either a machine or by hand is one of my favourite methods. Thread can create interesting textures and features on card and paper. Here, I’ve used a machine to create a collection of beach hut cards. Horizontal stitches on strips of card create the illusion of wooden slats. Sewing through patterned paper triangles is also a simple way to create a length of bunting.

Get set, sew!
If you want quick results, use a sewing machine to apply details to your greetings. You may find that card slips under the machine presser foot, so it’s best to work the piece through at a slow speed, or rotate the handle manually. Sewing card will blunt needles, so be sure to change it if you’re planning to sew any fabric afterwards.

Finishing touches
Once you’ve finished sewing, tape the threads to the reverse of your work. If you miss this step, the stitching will unravel. To make a stronger impact, double up or use an embroidery thread. There are a wide range of colourways, silk and glittery versions, so get creative and experiment.

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