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Winsor & Newton demonstrator Charles Evans speaks with PaperCrafter

In our latest issue 70, we’ve partnered up with art brand Winsor & Newton and demonstrator Charles Evans to bring you a wonderful lesson in watercolour which you can apply to your card makes.

Winsor & Newton demonstrator Charles Evans speaks with PaperCrafter

Simply pick up the latest copy of PaperCrafter and try out Charles’ how-to guide and handy hints for creating a special watercolour scene. Even if you’ve not picked up a paintbrush before, it’s never too late to learn something new.

Charles Evans is an artist and demonstrator. Born in Yorkshire, he enjoyed a childhood spent playing in the fields, woods, rivers and lakes around the farm where he was brought up. Through watercolour, Charles discovered that he was able capture the beautiful atmosphere, haziness and watery skies of the British landscape.

What are your inspirations?

I’ve always been inspired by lots of different watercolourists, especially J.M.W. Turner. My greatest inspiration is the fabulous countryside of Northumberland, in which I’m lucky enough to live.

What do you love about the medium?

I love the transparency and instant effects you can get. In particular, the vibrancy of the Winsor & Newton colours allow me to paint anywhere in the world and capture any mood or light.

Where’s the best place for beginners to start?

Start off with some easy big wash paintings that don’t have too much detail in them. You can create some very effective pictures with just a big sky and a bit of beach underneath!

Can you translate this to paper crafts?

It’s the ideal medium for card making — just use watercolour paper for your card and produce a simple painting on one side, fold it in half and you have a card. That’s what I did for my mother’s birthday card this year!

Do you have to be ‘good at art’ for watercolour?

Not particularly. Lots of people are scared of drawing, but often I don’t do any drawing at all and just put the colour on. Keep it simple and have fun with it.

Charles Evans demonstrates in lectures and exhibitions for Winsor & Newton around the country, offering his expertise and highlighting the benefits of Winsor & Newton materials. Visit

For more projects to try, have a look at or follow me on Twitter @charlesevansart

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