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PaperCrafter Interviews Paperchase’s Project Crafter Lara Pomeroy

We chat to Paperchase’s Project Crafter Lara Pomeroy about what it’s like to run crafty workshops and the hottest new trends

PaperCrafter Interviews Paperchase’s Project Crafter Lara Pomeroy

What are your most popular workshops?
Currently we run around 14 different craft workshops for adults and children, the popularity of different ones does tend to change seasonally. We offer three types of card making workshops: die cutting, lino printing and foiling. So there’s plenty on offer. Scrapbooking is one of my favourite workshops to run as I love hearing people reminisce about their travels and family life. Our most popular kids’ workshop is our little ones Kids Craft Club on a Saturday morning, we do a different craft each week.

What do you enjoy about running Project Craft workshops at Paperchase?
I get to meet people from all walks of life, teach children, young people, and adults, all of which offer me incredibly rewarding moments. I love running the Saturday morning Kids Craft Club. Its creative… glittery chaos at its best! I also really enjoy making a positive impact and creating a memorable experience. Crafting is incredibly therapeutic and through running workshops I’ve seen the direct impact it can have.

Crafting is incredibly therapeutic and through running workshops I’ve seen the direct impact it can have

Are there any new craft trends on the horizon?
It’s not a new craft, but I think bullet journaling will continue to grow in popularity. It’s the perfect way to be organised and creative. Crafting as a whole is becoming more popular, especially with adults. I think it’s because it’s easier than ever to have access to inspiration with the likes of Pinterest, and workshops like ours bridge that gap between seeing what you want to make and learning how to do it.

We’re loving marbling at the moment – do you have a favourite way to use the technique?
I have a very quick cheat way of doing marbling; put shaving foam or wallpaper paste in a tray, swirl ink into it with the end of a paintbrush, then place the paper in, quickly pull it out and scrape the foam off. You’ll be left with beautiful marbled results.

How do you organise your craft stash?
Not very successfully I have to say. Hands up, I’m a hoarder! I take over an entire room at home and at work I take over a desk, a store room and the craft area. I do try to be organised though, I have a wheelie trolley where I keep all the essentials I need for each session. I split all of my tools up into boxes too, so I have all of my washi tapes in one and stamps in another. I also have a large portfolio bag where I store paper scraps. At the start of my scrapbooking and card making workshops I tell attendees to have a good rummage in the bag and make a pile of their favourite materials.

Is there a new craft you’d like to try out?
I always have lots of crafts on my list of things I want to make. We will be starting a marbling workshop soon and I’d really like to do a combined marbling and foiling session – imagine how amazing marbled stationery would look with foiled lettering over the top? I also want to learn calligraphy to the next level; it’s such an art with so many variations.

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