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Giggle at these cheeky cards

Cheeky cards are sure to make you giggle! Although us paper crafting folk are serious about creating stunning cards and impressive paper makes, you’ve still got to love some of the funny quotes and comic designs out there.

Giggle at these cheeky cards

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Bon Voyage, £2.45,
Your and You’re, £2.10,
Significant Otter, £2.50,
Nice Beard, £2.95,
Cake, £6,
Old Friends, £2.50,
OMG Anniversary, £3.50,
Older Not Wiser, £2.95,
Hang On, £2,
Don’t Hate Me, £3.25,
Goodbye Sleep, £2.45,
Birthday Seagull, £2.50,
Like You A Lot, £2.25,
Easter Bunny, £2.50,
You’re So Lovely, £2.50,


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