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Get To Know: Emma Jewell

We caught up with the glitter goddess talks past jobs, lockdown life, and what it takes to go pro.

Get To Know: Emma Jewell

In the spotlight
When we asked if Emma Jewell had any interesting jobs before she became one of the most successful young crafters of her generation, we weren’t expecting an answer as eclectic as the one we got. “I’ve been a professional dancer, performing mostly in pantomimes and music videos. I worked in theatre, operating the spotlight on Mamma Mia and Miss Saigon in the West End. I’ve gone from standing on make-up counters in Harrods, to a TV and film extra, dressing up as a Sylvanian Families cat, and even giving out free samples of toothpaste!” she laughs. “My journey into crafting was a long and winding one, but I’m proud to say that I’m a full-time maker now!”

Emma can add the following to her illustrious career list: owner and creator of Emma Jewell Crafts, shop owner, blogger, creator and head honcho of the monthly Craft And Cocktail Club, ambassador for Cricut – oh, and she has her own craft range, too. Not bad for a former Sylvanian Families cat.

We ask how she’s coping with lockdown. “I’ve been going live every weekday on the Cricut Europe Facebook page from my craft room, sharing tips and projects using my Cricut machines, which has really helped. It’s important to keep a routine as it means I have to get up and get dressed – I might have turned into some kind of swamp creature otherwise!” She’s also been keeping light by watching Joe Lycett on The Great British Sewing Bee. “He makes me laugh every episode!”

Staying sassy
Ms. Jewell’s bright, cheerful and sassy crafting aesthetic is exactly the kind of booster shot we need right now. A phrase on her website sums her up perfectly: I live for glitter and sparkles, and that moment when someone asks me ‘Where did you get that?’ and I say, ‘I made it babe!’. To be fair to Emma’s previous vocation, her performative nature has evidently bled into her approach to crafting. It’s glitzy, OTT, and stacked with high production values. It’s also the result of years of fine-tuning as well as trial and error.

So what’s her advice for any soon-to-be-pros thinking about making the leap? “Brush up on your camera skills! Taking a good photo of your makes is really important for getting your work seen. You could be the best crafter in the world but if nobody knows what you can do, they won’t find you. Discover your style and what makes you different from everyone else.”

We had two final quick-fire questions before we let the sassy one retreat back to her craft room. What would she say to a young Emma Jewell? “I would tell her that the crafting she loves will become really important in her life, that leaving behind dancing will be one of the best decisions she ever makes! And, know that you’ll always be called a diva, but you’ll learn to own it.” The three most important things in her life? “My Cricut machines, my partner Mike (who puts up with untold amounts of glitter) and my family.” We love a lot about Emma, but we’re not sure we love anything more than the fact that she named her die-cutting machine before anything else.

To check out Emma’s craft supplies range, head to Emma Jewell Crafts. 

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