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Four ideas with your issue 63 kit from Colette Smith

Every issue our PaperCrafter designers come up with such a varied and extensive range of ideas that sometimes we can’t possibly fit them all in the magazine itself. This was certainly the case with issue 63’s seaside-themed kit! On top of all the bright ideas we’ve already given you, read and be inspired by these four bonus card making projects from Colette Smith.

Four ideas with your issue 63 kit from Colette Smith


  • PaperCrafter issue 63 kit
  • Card: white, red
  • Yellow buttons
  • Baker’s twine: yellow, red, black
  • Red brad
  • Adhesives

2. Lots of Love card

  1. Create a 7cm x 17cm top fold blank. Cover the bottom with gulls patterned paper. Attach the ‘LOTS OF LOVE’ motif with foam tape.
  2. Wrap yellow twine around the blank and tie in a bow, as shown. Thread and knot yellow twine through three yellow buttons. To finish, glue these to the centres of each sun.

3. Beside The Sea card

  1. Create an A6 top fold blank. Cover with red card, leaving a 2cm tall white block along the bottom. Write ‘Beside the Sea...’ in the lower right-hand corner.
  2. Attach a strip of anchor, seagull and beach hut patterned papers to the blank, as shown. Wrap black twine around the card, thread though a yellow button and tie.

4. Beach Huts card

Four ideas with your issue 63 kit from Colette Smith

  1. Cut 3.5cm from the edge of an A6 blank. With the fold at the top, cover the bottom with a length of yellow wave paper and a 3.5cm deep strip of blue card.
  2. Adhere three beach huts to the top of the blank, so they overlap the edge. Attach the ‘Celebrate’ motif with foam tape.

5. Pinwheel Fun card

  1. Start by creating the pinwheel. Crop the anchor and stripy patterned to 5cm square. From each corner cut to 1cm from the centre. Fold the top left corner to the centre, turn 90°, then repeat with the remaining three corners. Secure with a dab of glue and a red brad.
  2. Trim a blue blank to 8cm wide. Cut scallops from the striped section and along one edge of white card. Attach the striped piece halfway up the blank and the white card slightly lower and trim.
  3. Stick a length of red quilling paper from the bottom of the card to about three quarters up and attach the pinwheel. Mount the ‘FUN’ motif onto blue card, shape into a banner and attach it to the lower right corner of the blank.

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