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7 Muggle Friendly Harry Potter Projects To Make Right Now

Harry Potter may have long graduated from Hogwarts and embarked on a successful career as an auror, but the impact of the world we saw through his eyes hasn’t faltered yet, unlike a certain Mr Weasley’s Ford Anglia. During the ‘arts and crafts’ lesson of Muggle Studies, we compiled an assortment of truly magical projects that wouldn’t look out of place in a Diagon Alley shop window – unfortunately we couldn’t find the spells to construct them in the blink of an eye, so put those wands away and roll those wizard sleeves up pronto.

7 Muggle Friendly Harry Potter Projects To Make Right Now

1 Craft your own Hogwarts acceptance letter

While it’s no guarantee that Hagrid will knock down your door in the dead of night and hand your child a letter inviting them to the most magical school in the world; you can give them a slightly less bombastic invitation to the school of magic with this intuitive project. We have no advice for what to say when September rolls up and they’re having to get into your Nissan Aygo rather than a steam train, mind…

2 Magical birthday card

When they’re not being feasted on by Voldy in the Forbidden Forest, unicorns make the perfect embellishment to base a make around, as witnessed here.

3 Who needs Ollivander?

Ollivander had a bit of a torrid time during the Second Wizarding War, so it may be best to give him a break and apply your handmade skills to creating your own magic wand for the time being.

4 Free Magical Papers

Like a page from Gilderoy Lockhart’s apocryphal Marauding With Monsters, these papers are brimming with excitement, intrigue, and fantastic beasts.

5 Fairytale castle

Have a go at a more whimsical version of the most famous fictional castle ever with this richly illustrated wonder.

6 A paper Hogwarts castle

There’s (sadly) a limit to how much time we can spend devouring the books and films of the HP saga, so why not build your very own Hogwarts? When you’re feeling post-Deathly Hallows blues, you can look over at your papercut masterpiece and imagine yourself roaming the halls dodging prefects. Anything’s better than watching Fantastic Beasts.

7 Crocheted wand

If you’re running low on dragon heartstring and phoenix feather, why not try your hand at this adorable wand pattern?

For more magical papers, check out this Fairytale collection.

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